19th November 2014


Pockets of Resistance is back from the printers!  The wonderful poetic autobiography from Brian Kinlan. 

Book launch Sunday 7th December 2pm at Herbert's Bar, Huddersfield - come and have a drink with us - not a poetry reading in sight!!

24th June 2014

New work has just been published to Amazon Kindle!

Brian Kinlan's new piece "Perpetual Expulsion" charts the eternal struggle between the day and the night.  The creatures that inhabit each are influenced by mythology: Nosferatu is embodied in the night-dwellers, but Helius and Eos rally the daylight inhabitants.  Both understand that they are trapped in an eternal cycle that neither have the power to flout.  

We even have our first review!!

Click here to take you directly to the collection on Amazon Kindle!

(You can download the Kindle APP for FREE!!)

27th April 2014

Last week we met with Liz Dobson from Huddersfield University's Collabhub.  A great meeting, lots of ideas discussed!  We will be working on some new projects the university starting in the autumn, but in the meantime popping along and having a stall at the Symposium on 23rd May.  We will also be doing a level for the Hudscape sound project.  Exciting stuff!!

In the meantime Brian Kinlan is working on a 2-part poetry collection of which one is already finished. 

We are also closing in on the #popupexhibition "Without Us There Is Only Mud" - 25th May at Herbert's Bar in Huddersfield, 12 - 5pm.    

30th March 2014 - 


We've been a little quiet of late as we have been welcoming our new edition to the family!  Alaric Odin Lum Kinlan was born on Wednesday 26th February. 

However, we have been beavering away quietly behind the scenes...

Firstly, we are involved in HUDSCAPE with Huddersfield University - a sound project charting the town's landscape.  For information about this go along to:


Secondly, we are pleased to announce the final line-up of our exciting new venture #popupexhibition "Without Us There Is Only Mud", which will be taking place on Sunday 25th May from 1-4pm.  

Based upon a series of 9 poems by Brian Kinlan which together tell the story of a tree marked for felling, five artists and four photographers come together, each taking one of the poems and producing a piece of their own interpretation. The poem is literally the only brief that they get. 

Our contributors:

Brian Kinlan - Poet and Author of "Without Us There Is Only Mud"
1. Mark Lawrence (artist)
2. Caitlin Sagan (photographer)
3. Brian Lewis (artist)
4. Alex Taylor (photographer)
5. Briony Sullivan (artist)
6. Alex Moldovan (photographer)
7. Pamela Lum (artist)
8. Mark Primus (photographer - Conrad Marks Photography)
9. Tray Tronic (artist)

The #popupexhibition is a one-time chance to see the works together and come and have a chat and a drink with the everyone in an informal setting. I think we can safely call this a party!

16th February 2014 - 

We only have two more slots left for artists/photographers for Brian Kinlan's #pocketpoetry "Without Us There Is Only Mud" #popupexhibition!  Got some great people on board. 

Please contact us if you might be interested. 

7th February 2014 - 


We are currently looking for 9 artists and/or photographers who would like to take part in a pop-up exhibition, based around Brian Kinlan's #pocketpoetry "Without Us There Is Only Mud". 

The nine poems tell the story of a tree marked for felling in both a heartfelt and humorous way, as told by the tree itself. 

Each person will be given one of Brian's poems from the story and will use this as a base for their art work or photography. These will then be displayed at the party, sorry, "exhibition" (!) where you can offer your own work for sale and do some fun networking!

If you want to read a review of "Without Us There Is Only Mud", then please look at the reviews for Brian Kinlan. 

The Unpretentious Arts - having a bit of fun with The Arts!!

31st January 2014 - 

A great time at Tray Tronic's art exhibition at Kewz Bar exhibition - a wonderful artist!!

30th January 2014 - 

Brian Kinlan went to the launch of the Book of Proud - a community book from where he grew up, and to which he contributed!!  I urge you to support this project and buy this book!

28th January 2014 - 

A good meeting this morning with Ryan from iprint apparel!!! Chatting about printing and design for TheUnpretentious Arts clothing.  Also got to meet the fabulous Benaiah Matthews whose art/clothing is inspiring!!

14th January 2014 - 

What a fun day!  Brian and I have been interviewing affiliate Mark Lawrence, finding out about his journey through art. 

From his science experiment beginnings to the current and future plans, it's been brilliant getting Mark's take on things. 

What a wonderful and thoughtful character - with a bit of a rebellious twist - read the interview NOW on Mark's Affiliate page!

9th January 2014 -


Fantastic meeting today with Brian Lewis to discuss his forthcoming novel, "The Sexy Bits of Lady C".  We're hoping to publish on Kindle with a Springtime deadline!

Brian Kinlan has continued writing for his new collection, "Casualties of Empire" - incredibly powerful work.  

We have also been into St Mary's School Millbank where we have volunteered to work with the staff and children on different projects, getting their work "published", whether physically or electronically.  This is by far the most exciting thing we are doing, and the core purpose of The Unpretentious Arts - getting The Arts out there and loved by all!!

7th January 2014 -


Head In The Clouds, by the next William Shakespeare - Brian Kinlan


The NEW collection from Brian Kinlan - Without Us There Is Only Mud

2nd January 2014 - 

#pocketpoetry is being well received - and there is a new review now available for "Without Us There Is Only Mud"!

1st January 2014 - 

A very Happy New Year to you all!

We have hit the ground running today - I suppose the advantage of having a home-based business in which we can work when creativity strikes!

We've had a super chat on the phone with Brian Lewis about "The Sexy Bits of Lady C" and I have to say that we are really privileged to be working with him.  We are expecting the hard copy of the manuscript through the post in the next couple of days, but we are already eagerly working electronically.  

Brian Kinlan has been working on some new pieces, which frankly have had me, Antonia, in floods of tears!  I still find it quite incredible that Brian's work is, in just a few short lines, so powerful.  I sometimes wonder if he realises what an impact his work has on people.  It is incredibly vivid and thought-provoking and in itself, perhaps without realisation, questions humanity.  He doesn't take subject matter lightly and expertly tackles very sensitive subjects.  I'm really quite in awe!

All of this leads to me feeling very excited about the content that we will produce in 2014, and the strength of the work that is presenting itself.    

30th December - 

An exciting time here at The Unpretentious Arts!  We have been approached by writer/poet/artist Brian Lewis of Pontefract Press who is wanting us to publish his new novel.  Brian was Birmingham's first poet laureate and is prolific in the Arts.  The manuscript sample he has submitted is gripping and we have accepted the job!  Watch this space...!!!

10th December - 

Brian Kinlan participated in tonight's artSBridge Writer's Evening at Deli Belge.  Brian was invited to talk about his work, and indeed how he works, and answered some great audience questions.  Loved the comment about how Brian writes - "his brain is wired really differently, isn't it?!"  Yes, it is!!  Everyone loved the concepts.  A great night!!

7th December 2013 -

5.30pm - #pocketpoetry is being sold RIGHT NOW at Sowerby Bridge Market Place for the 

Fine Art & Crafts Night Market - http://www.artsbridge.org.uk

midnight - The launch of the website and the launch of #pocketpoetry!