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I want to live in sound

With music all around

I want to live with colour

View images that captivate

I want to witness the sky

Stare at the stars

Intake through my eyes

I want to observe the tiniest of life forms

Live beyond the norm

I want to be a poet 

Ripponden-based, Huddersfield-born poet Brian Kinlan has been writing poetry for the past ten years but more seriously for the past three.  He has built up a vast collection of work, but over time his strong, image-led style has emerged.  His poems are short and accessible, saying in just a few words that which some take pages to describe.  Highly emotive with a wonderful use of language, you get a real glimpse of the way Brian views the world.

Brian shows a rare talent; he is able to write on any subject.  He tackles difficult themes in a sympathetic manner, combining raw observation with vivid vocabulary, whilst taking the reader on an imaginative journey.  The work is tangible – you can see it, feel it, BE it. 

Brian often includes descriptions of what the poems are about, which helps to break down barriers by stripping away that embarrassed feeling when people don’t “get” poetry or its content.  His tagline “Poetry, for people who don’t like poetry”, stemmed from feedback as he found people in every walk of life could really enjoy his work. 

Brian’s works include the collection “Head In The Clouds, by the next William Shakespeare" (in store or on Kindle) #pocketpoetry “Without Us There Is Only Mud"  (in store or on Kindle),  "Perpetual Expulsion” (Kindle), and “Pockets of Resistance, a poetic autobiography” (in store).  He continues to write new collections and is also working on a book called "Marriage is a Strange Affair" with his wife Antonia.  

He has appeared on Phoenix Radio and was invited back by Tee Liburd to co-DJ, and to talk about the launch of his new work.  He recently contributed to the Deighton "Book of Proud", a book about people's experiences living on the estate where Brian grew up, which was co-ordinated by Birmingham's first Poet Laureate Brian Lewis.  

Brian has recently taken part in the artSBridge festival (Sowerby Bridge Arts Festival) and exhibited a collaborative piece with artist Mark Lawrence called “Fluidity” in the Waters and Rivers Exhibition at Kala Sangam in Bradford, being asked to return and display in a new exhibition called “Colours” in 2014.